OONEW UV Sterilizer And Dryer

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UV Sterilizer And Dryer


----- LED deep UV mercury-free lamp beads -----

High-tech ED mercury-free sterilization technology, concentrated wavelength, higher sterilization efficiency. Medical field selection of materials, more thorough sterilization, more suitable for rapid disinfection than traditional mercury-vapor lamps at close range. Life time up to 30,000 hours, safe and environmental protection material design.

----- 8K crystal diamond mirror -----

Upgraded 8K mirror, diamond angle patent support disinfection without worry. 80 crystal diamond 240 reflective mirror, no bacteria can be hidden

----- Three kinds of sterilization -----

UV, negative ions, HEPA, triple protection

----- 65°C low-temperature drying -----

Low temperature constant temperature blowing, PTC ceramic drying. No potential burns, silicone, plastic products can also be disinfected without worry, to avoid deformation caused by high temperature, to prevent the aging of silicone and the release of harmful substances.

----- Silent System -----

Oil-free ball turbine fan, silent experience does not disturb the baby to sleep well

----- Stop when you open the lid to prevent UV leakage -----

Prevent the elderly and children from accidentally touching, use more safely


----- Fully Sealed Process -----

Eliminates dirt and grime

----- HEPA air filtration -----

HEPA filter is the core part of the biosafety cabinet, which can remove at least 97% of the airborne particles and filter efficiently.


Rated voltage: 220V

Drying power: 120W

Dimensions: 270W x 248H x 270D (mm)

Weight: 2.8kg