Quality Quarantee

Validation: 12 months from date of purchase or date of delivery.

Brands & products included:
0/3 baby : baby cot, door gate
Peg Perego : stroller, highchair, car seat, battery toys
Troll : baby cot
Leclerc: stroller
Zibos: baby cot and chair
Cybex: All products
Origo: stroller
Nachfolger: car seat

Purchase or delivery within 14 days, please contact the our customer service center for damage or any query.

Terms and conditions:

1.1 Valid original invoice or delivery note shall be presented.
1.2 Date of purchase or delivery shall be clearly stated and not be wrote over.
1.3 During the guarantee period and provided that the product was used under normal working conditions, you will be entitled to free repair service of the product and freereplacement of parts arising from defects in the materials and workmanship of the product (fair wear and tear excepted).
1.4 Pick up and delivery service are not included in the guarantee
1.5 You are responsible for transporting the product to and from our product care center.
1.6 If you need special pick up and delivery of repaired product, there is a minimum charge HK$250. (Pick up service is limited to Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories. An extra charge per trip of $100 wil be applied to Airport and Tung Chung. Service is not provided to: Ma Wan, Outlying Island, Macau and building without elevator.)
1.7 On-site inspection for defective product requires a minimum charge from HK$400.
1.8 Exchange or refund is not acceptable during repair period.
1.9 If you want another product on loan, you can request from our service center. Extra charge is required for this service.
1.10 Guarantee period will be not extended due to repair.
1.11 Repair is executed by our service center. Manufacturer will not be responsible for the repair service.

2. If the product can be repaired, you will be charged within guarantee period under the following circumstances:
2.1 Where valid original invoice or delivery note are not presented.
2.2 Where the product was not used, repaired or maintained in accordance with the user manual.
2.3 Where damage was caused by accidental damage.
2.4 Where damage was caused by the use of parts / accessories not produced by the original manufacturer.
2.5 Where damage was caused by repair, transformation, decomposition, carried out the customer himself / herself or by an agent not authorized by our service center.

3. This free guarantee does not cover the followings:
3.1 Fair wear and tear under normal working conditions (rotating or moving parts such as wheels, tyres; fabric types such as seat cushion, canopy; chargable battery).
3.2 Non repairable damage caused by misuse or negligence.
3.3 Damage caused by transporation not responsible by our service center.
3.4 Damage is the result of accident or scratching.
3.5 Damage is not affecting the product function and operation (such as cosmetic items, paint, colour or product finish.
3.6 The product was not purchased from Hong Kong or Macau authorized retailers.
3.7 The product or parts had been discontinued.

3.8 Original large and heavy machinery (Car Seat, bed or dining chair, etc.) products, on large molded plastic structures:
1. marks of yin and yang,
2. river pattern,
3. Tears deep and shallow lines,
4. The edges are not slippery,
5. Slight scratches on the bottom,
6. dust, and
7. Deep creases on fabrics, etc.
are all due to unavoidable random accidents during molding, production, assembly, testing, packaging, and transportation. Except for unreasonable damage or functional defects at conspicuous locations, the above situations are all It is not a defect of the product and is not within the scope of return or exchange; if the customer does not agree, please contact us.

Use of baby stroller

1. Reguarly lubricate all moving parts , wheel, frame, folding parts with light grade oil spray only.
2. Never put excessive pressure on any folding parts or force to open any adjustale parts.
3. Do not put any accessories not approved by the manufacturer. It may cause the stroller unstable & malfunction.
4. To clean plastic or cloth surface, use lukewarm water with mild detergent only. To clean metal surface, wipe clean with soft damp cloth. Do not use abrasives or solvents.
5. Do not leave your stroller outdoors unprotected.
6. To keep the upholstery looking its best, you should remove the upholstery and hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent. Hang to dry. It is not recommended to dry the upholstery in a dryer as this may cause it to shrink.

Use of cot mattress

1. Body impression is a good indicator of contour comfort. Compression of upholstery material within 1 inch is not a structural defect, but a normal indicator of your mattress's engineered performance. Try to turn your mattress from head to foot every 4 weeks after the use of first 3 months. This will increase your mattress durability and performance.
2. The cleanliness of your mattress will be enhanced if mattress pad is being used. Remove all the packing material before use. When dealing with the stain, do not soak the mattress, surface clean only using mild soap with cold water and hang to dry. Do not iron, or dry the mattress in high temperature. It may damage mattress ticking.
3. Do not fold, stand or jump on your mattress under any circumstances. This may severely damage the spring structure.

Regarding the use and maintenance of other products, please refer to their own instruction manual.