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How to avoid microbe and germ on baby cot and mattress?

Microbe and germ loves warm and humid environment, like Hong Kong weather. It is important to keep the baby cot and mattress in a clean and fresh condition. We recommend to always wiping the cot with slightly damp cloth to avoid dust from accumulating onto the surface and gap; use vacuum or slightly damp cloth to wipe the mattress surface, air dry and then put on fitted sheet. It is also good to kill the microbe and germ on mattress under the sun. You shall also pay attention on the ventilation and humidity according to weather changes. During spring time it is humid; while on hot summer, the water vapour remains after turning off the air conditioner are always the time of microbe and germ to multiply the reproduction. It is healthier to keep good ventilation. Use dehumidifier when necessary as the relative humidity is most ideal below 45%.

Why there is a dent on mattress surface after baby has been sleeping on it overnight?

The top layer of 0/3 baby mattress composed of layers of form and double-sided. The core layer composed of high density of spring coils which have been treated with special process. The mattress is designed according to ergonomic nature of human sleeping posture. Slightly dented (within 1 inch) on the sleeping area is the result of pressure and mild re-bounce on the layers to suit the body curve, and thus giving the most comfortable support to baby. Slightly dent is normal and it is not malfunction of the spring coils. After 3 months of first using, we recommend to turn the mattress to opposite direction, and then do it again after every 4 weeks. Your mattress will then be kept in its best support by letting the pressure spreading evenly periodically.

How to clean and care for the mattress?

Remove all packing materials before first using. Normal care the mattress by vacuum clean or wiping the mattress surface with a slightly damp cloth, air dry and then put on fitted sheet. It is also good to kill the microbe and germ on mattress under the sun. To clean urine or vomits, use a few drops of white vinegar into mild soap diluted with water and wipe surface with sponge or cloth, wipe again with clean damp cloth until clean. Natural air dry the mattress or with slightly warm temperature. Do not use iron to dry the surface as it will damage the ticking.

Is the drop side of the 0/3 baby cot can be removed?

Drop side of 0/3 baby CALRA & SABRINA cot can be removed and to be a child bed after adding a bed rail.

Do Baby Art products provides refill pack for redo or extra produce?

Yes, you can order separately for the spare part clay, alginate and gypsum.

How long do you have to knead the clay for before rolling it out?

As indicated in the instructions, knead the clay for at least 30 seconds before rolling it out. The longer you knead, the easier it will be to make the print.

What sort of surface should you roll the clay on?

We recommend you do your imprint on a sheet of paper (baking paper or aluminium foil) on a flat surface. This means you can move it for drying elsewhere and can easily remove the impression from the paper to turn it over while drying.

How long will it take my impression to dry?

Leave your impression made in the Baby Art clay to dry for six hours at room temperature, then turn it over and leave it to dry further for at least twenty-four hours. You can leave it to dry in the open air for a few days if you think the impression is still a bit soft.

How do you avoid cracks appear while wating the print dries?

Leave your product to dry at room temperature – so neither too hot nor too cold. That way you’ll avoid getting cracks due to accelerated drying.

How do I select the container needed to make a sculpture?

To select the first container for baby’s hand or foot, you should ensure that you will be able to put all of your baby’s foot or hand into it to give you the form you wish to obtain, and if you intend to frame this form, that it is sufficiently high. You are advised to choose a flexible plastic container to make it easier to turn it out after the plaster has been poured into the impression mould.

How much time should I allow to make my sculpture?

Generally, all the stages involved in making a sculpture (excluding the three-hour drying time) take around fifteen to twenty minutes. However, to make the most of this creative leisure time with your baby, it is best choose a period in the day when you have time ahead of you and nothing important to do so that you have the best conditions for making your Baby Art.

How do I avoid breaking the sculpture when I turn it out?

If your plaster mixture seems a little too liquid, or if you have the least doubt, it is preferable to let the cast dry for longer to ensure that the plaster sculpture is dry and hard enough when you turn it out.

How do you pour the plaster into the clay mould?

Gently and gradually pour the plaster into the mould. To avoid air bubbles remaining at the bottom of the cast, turn the mould in different directions and tap the edges to help air bubbles escape. Immediately rinse the second container you have used for mixing the plaster so that it doesn’t harden.

Can I put a baby car seat on the passenger seat if it has an airbag?

Baby car seats Group 0 or 0+ should always be positioned facing backwards and should not be used on a seat with a frontal airbag that is switched on. On some cars there is the option to switch the airbag off or to have it switched off. Note, however, that this has been found to be not without risk. If the airbag is switched on, when positioned on the front seat the car seat is right next to the point where the airbag explodes with an explosive force that is life threatening. This does not apply to side or curtain airbags. Pay careful attention to the warnings and instructions in the car seat user manual and the manual of the car in question.

You often hear that a baby should lie for a maximum of 2 hours in a baby car seat. Is this true?

There are many misconceptions regarding this.This is generally said and written out of concern for babies and in short, it comes down to the fact that a baby car seat such as e.g. a Maxi-Cosi Citi or Maxi-Cosi Cabrio(Fix) should not be used excessively. Children should not lie in a fixed position for too long unnecessarily. They should have the opportunity to develop their motor skills and to stretch and relax their arms, back and neck muscles. As the manufacturer of the main car seat for babies in Europe, Maxi-Cosi has been writing this for many years in the user instructions. Do not put a baby in a car seat for the whole day for convenience, but give him/her the opportunity to develop. This also applies to baby carriers and all other products in which a baby sits, hangs or lies in a fixed position. However, if you have to make a longer car journey or travel on holiday once in a while, this is no problem at all. We recommend that you stop every 2 hours. After all, a baby has to eat and be changed regularly anyway.

What should I do if the belts in my car are too short to attach the car seat?

Unfortunately there is no easy solution for this. If the belts in your car are too short, we can only recommend that you contact the car manufacturer via your garage. Note; if this involves the passenger seat, always check that this is positioned as far back as possible. The belts are then the longest. Of course, careful attention should be paid to the instructions regarding airbags. We recommend that you fit the car seat first before purchasing it. The retailer can help you with this.

Do the Maxi-Cosi car seats fit in all cars?

In accordance with the ECE R44/03 and ECE R44/04 norm car seats are universal if not more than a certain length of seat belt is required for the installation. The car industry is aware of this. Car manufacturers sometimes build the belts into their cars so that the belt is just not long enough for correct installation if the user manual of your car states that the seat belts are suitable for the use of universal car seats, this should not be a problem. However, we recommend that you fit the car seat first before purchasing it. If the car seat is functioned ISOFIX, it should be better to check the car you own is capable to install ISOFIX before purchase.

Why is the harness on the car seat unlike the car's seat belt which can be pull out l and retract?

There are many automobiles using ALR (Auto Locking Retractor) seat belt design. Once you pull this type of seat belt, the seat belt is locked and only allows retract back to original position. Reports had indicated this type of seat belt will cause suffocation to young passengers. As a result, ALR design is not good to apply on child car seat.

Is ISOFIX safe than installing with a car seat belt?

If installed properly, a Maxi-Cosi car seat is the safest in its class. The IsoFix method prevents incorrect installation of the car seat, but is no safer than when the seat is installed using the traditional method. IsoFix prevents incorrect installation because a colour indicator (red or green) is used to indicate the correct installation of various parts.

If I bought my product in another country can I buy spare parts or get service from Hong Kong?

If the product is not sold by us, we will not provide warranty service; but if requested for repair service, we would charged HKD500 inspection fee plus parts fee after inspected the said product. All countries have different standard they need to meet, therefore our parts will not interchange with other countries.

Where is Quinny and Maxi Cosi originated from?

Quinny and Maxi Cosi are originated from Holland and was a pioneer beyond the field.

Is that normal for the wood that have large grain?

The grain is a normal pattern that would appears in the natural wood and it was certified no harm to the structure of the cot.