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How to avoid microbe and germ on baby cot and mattress?

Microbe and germ loves warm and humid environment, like Hong Kong weather. It is important to keep the baby cot and mattress in a clean and fresh condition. We recommend to always wiping the cot with slightly damp cloth to avoid dust from accumulating onto the surface and gap; use vacuum or slightly damp cloth to wipe the mattress surface, air dry and then put on fitted sheet. It is also good to kill the microbe and germ on mattress under the sun. You shall also pay attention on the ventilation and humidity according to weather changes. During spring time it is humid; while on hot summer, the water vapour remains after turning off the air conditioner are always the time of microbe and germ to multiply the reproduction. It is healthier to keep good ventilation. Use dehumidifier when necessary as the relative humidity is most ideal below 45%.

Why there is a dent on mattress surface after baby has been sleeping on it overnight?

The top layer of 0/3 baby mattress composed of layers of form and double-sided. The core layer composed of high density of spring coils which have been treated with special process. The mattress is designed according to ergonomic nature of human sleeping posture. Slightly dented (within 1 inch) on the sleeping area is the result of pressure and mild re-bounce on the layers to suit the body curve, and thus giving the most comfortable support to baby. Slightly dent is normal and it is not malfunction of the spring coils. After 3 months of first using, we recommend to turn the mattress to opposite direction, and then do it again after every 4 weeks. Your mattress will then be kept in its best support by letting the pressure spreading evenly periodically.

How to clean and care for the mattress?

Remove all packing materials before first using. Normal care the mattress by vacuum clean or wiping the mattress surface with a slightly damp cloth, air dry and then put on fitted sheet. It is also good to kill the microbe and germ on mattress under the sun. To clean urine or vomits, use a few drops of white vinegar into mild soap diluted with water and wipe surface with sponge or cloth, wipe again with clean damp cloth until clean. Natural air dry the mattress or with slightly warm temperature. Do not use iron to dry the surface as it will damage the ticking.

Is the drop side of the 0/3 baby cot can be removed?

Drop side of 0/3 baby CALRA & SABRINA cot can be removed and to be a child bed after adding a bed rail.

Can I wash the wood board of my happa cot?

It is not recommended to wash the wood board of the happa cot. The wood boards are wrapped by covers and it is hard to completely dry up especially under the condition of Hong Kong weather. It is important to keep the baby cot in a clean and completely dry condition to avoid microbe and mould.

If I bought my product in another country can I buy spare parts or get service from Hong Kong?

If the product is not sold by us, we will not provide warranty service to parallel import good because we cannot verify the goods purchased from overseas retailer through online channel and whether or not they can comply the Hong Kong children product safety regulations. It is encouraged to purchase the product through Hong Kong distributor and retailer entitled to the product warranty and after sales service.

Is that normal for the wood that have large grain?

The grain is a normal pattern that would appears in the natural wood and it was certified no harm to the structure of the cot.

Why I could not open my leclerc stroller in one hand?

Here are few tips of using the leclerc stroller:

1. When you pull up the handbar, you may pull the handbar backwards first.

2. You may try to pull it harder while unfolding it. Unfolding the stroller in a too gentle way may affect the smoothness of unfolding.

3. Do not lift up the whole stroller while unfolding.