nanobebe Smart Warming Bowl - Teal
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nanobebe Smart Warming Bowl - Teal

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According to recent changes in global health regulations, breastmilk should be warmed in a bowl of warm water to avoid damaging nutrients and to protect infants from hot-spots. The smart warming bowl follows these regulations and creates a safe and quick way to warm breastmilk to be ready for baby.

Safely warm breastmilk while protecting nutrients & preventing hot-spots

1. Non-electrical. Adheres to health regulations by warming breastmilk in a bowl of warm water to prevent overheating

2. Offset edge for easy access

3. Convex interior for fast & even heating

4. Anti-slip base


-Do not use boiling water
-Use only warm tap water to heat bottles and pacifiers
-Do not use the bottle storage cap when heating
-The water level should not exceed the screw ring

Medical grade materials
Free of BPA, polyurethane, lead and phthalates