nanobebe Breastmilk Bottle 150ml Twin Pack (Teal)
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nanobebe Breastmilk Bottle 150ml Twin Pack (Teal)

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Protect your baby's health with a revolutionary bottle designed to preserve breast milk nutrition. A solution for preserving breast milk nutrition. Pumping, storage, warming and feeding, all in one bottle for your peace of mind.


----- Make the most of your space -----

Bottles are designed to be foldable so you can save storage space. Each bottle comes with a storage lid.

----- Easy to clean -----

Simply separate the bottle from the teat and bottom cap when cleaning. There are no hidden corners. Easy to clean, saves time and can be washed in the microwave and dishwasher with confidence.

----- Pumping is easier -----

Each bottle is packaged with our universal connector. Mothers can easily pump mother's milk directly into the bottle without much cleanup.

----- Quick cooling and storage -----

Cooling breastmilk as soon as possible is good for nutrition and preserves the immune factors in breastmilk to preserve the best nutrition and reduce the growth of bacteria.

----- 2X faster heating -----

You don't have to worry about the damage of breast milk nutrition due to excessive heating.

----- Even heating design -----

Normal bottles do not warm milk evenly and are easily hot on the outside and cold on the inside. The nanobebe Breastmilk Bottle can be heated evenly over a large area, safely and evenly


150ml bottles are suitable for 0-8 month baby.

-non-collapsible nipple

-360° anti-colic system

-Bottle cooler & travel pack, compact drying rack, breastmilk pump adapter set and warming bowl can be purchased separately

-Medical grade PP material

-Free of BPA, plasticizers, heavy metals and lead