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NAI-B Inflatable Baby Feeding Cushion is made with non-toxic and eco-friendly TPU material that is safe and comfortable for babies.

Light in weight, this pillow is easy to carry around and be used anywhere you go.

It takes only two minute to inflate it using the built-in pump.

The height of the cushion is adjustable ,it keeps the baby’s head enough and close enough to your breast.

When deflating inside the air chamber ,you could enjoy a short cuddle break with your baby even at home or outside!
Raw materials:
100% cotton cover
Germ-resistant TPU inner chamber

-100% Korean manufacturing
-Light and easily portable travel nursing pillow.Patented folding mechanism with squeeze the tip to slowly let air out, simply deflate, fold, and place it in your bag.
-The cover is machine washable and the air chamber(Germ-resistant TPU) is easy to wipe clean.
- Curved design of the nursing pillow brings baby closer to mom during feeding sessions and prevents baby from vomiting.
-Manual pumping machine by hand without any other tools to inject air,no need to blow it with your mouth difficult.
-Adjustable air chamber with a built in pump, comfortable curve and an adjustable air chamber with a built in pump. Dual-Inflatable valve make height adjustable as you needed.
-Wide and sturdy waist belt adjustable strap and backrest.
-Side pocket for easy small-space storage, such as bibs and tiny stuff.
-Tested and confirmed by SGS and a number of Korea institutions.

Fully inflated size:
Width 66 cm
Depth 45 cm
Height 15 cm
*there are slightly different measurement due to manual inflated level

Tips:It is not recommended to use it while standing.
This pillow should only be used by an adult,never leave children unattended while device is in use.