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BABY BATH TUB: Guaranteed high quality inflatable bath tub is designed for babies. Simply inflate the tub and give your baby a bath anywhere! A safety block in the tub prevents your little ones from sliding around and anti-slip pads on the bottom of the tub prevents the entire tub from shifting.
INFLATABLE: To inflate the tub, use the free inflation pump to fill the tub with air quickly. There are four chambers that need to be inflated to properly use the tub. Made sure all inlets are closed before placing water to prevent deflation. After bath time, hang it on the hanging hook to dry. You can also choose to deflate the tub using the pump after every use.
EASY TO DRAIN: There is a large drain plug on the bottom of the basin that you can pull to release the water easily and efficiently. No need to hassle!
PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: When the tub is deflated, you can fold and easily carry it anywhere. It is compact, lightweight and perfect to bring along on trips while traveling. This is also a great gift idea for baby showers!
PEACE OF MIND: Nai-B always uses health and eco-friendly materials to provide best feeling and experience to your kids. This bathtub is tested for compliance by CPSC accepted accredited laboratory. Made in China.
Product Size: 55 x 25 x 95 cm
Recommended age use: Under 3 years old
Material: P.V.C.

If you are looking for bathtubs for your children, this product is an answer for you.

This awesome baby tub has high quality unlike other bathtubs.

If your children accidentally fall down hard, do not worry as the bottom air mat will absorb shocks to protect your precious ones.

There is a little block on the bottom which prevents your kids from sliding down into the bathtub.

You can fold and easily carry anywhere as it is lightweight. It’s great to use as a substitution for a bed when you travel.

This basin is tested for compliance by CPSC accepted accredited laboratory. Made in China.

Nai-B's number one priority is to provide safe and fun products to children and parents.

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