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----- 100% Cotton Quilt Cover-----

Pure, natural cotton expressed in a fresh and distinctive design. Pure cotton has strong moisture absorption, making the fabric soft and comfortable when it touches the skin. Care for the baby skin. Absorbs sweat in hot weather and keeps warm in cold weather. Washable and wearable. Non-irritating, to avoid allergic situations. Natural, good for baby.

----- Light padding of comforter -----

Comforter has light padding to suit warm to air conditioned temperature. Additional quilt can be added for extra warmth.

---- Simple pattern -----

Fit in your baby room easily

--Eco-friendly reactive dye makes color everlasting—

Delicate embroidery is soft to skin. Fabrics dying and printing process are azo dyes free and formaldehyde free, which ensures good protection to our health and the environment. The color dyeing is natural and safe.

Colors are lock-in well that can last after washing or under sunshine.


Quilt Cover: 100% cotton

Dimension: 100 x 130 cm


100% cotton quilt cover

Quilt padding