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1) Breathing baby mattress
2) Baby mainly with head cooling, head often sweating
3) Mattress needs to have ultra-breathable function, and avoid suffocation risk
4) Korea patent design and manufacture, 3D gas mesh even surface cotton cloth, spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons are applicable
5) Clean and convenient, surface dirt Stains only need to wipe clean with wet paper towels, thorough cleaning can be the whole wash, quickly dry
6) Cotton ultra-fine smooth
7) 100% whole cotton cloth, texture careful smooth, will not rub baby delicate skin, cool and comfortable
8) 3D three-dimensional weaving technology.
9) The use of German research and development of 3D three-dimensional weaving technology, originally used in the bottom of sports shoes, with breathable function
10) Antibacterial anti-bacterial anti-molybdenum function, away from allergic sources
11) Weaving design does not breed harmful bacteria, inhibit the proliferation of aphids and bacteria, baby use mommy rest assured.
Product size: 120 X 60 cm
Age: 0-4 years
Material: Surface: 100% cotton, back: 100% polyester.