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No matter your baby sleeps by lying on his/her back or side, each side with different curve is able to provide optimum support to both post
1. 35cm x 50cm 
2. The high and low curve shaped design making the pillow fits naturally to cervical vertebra shape of infant and young child while sleeping. Thus creating a zero pressure support which leading to a relaxed state of the neck muscle and head for the baby.
3.Pillow will adjust to best shape and support according to the weight & temperature of baby’s head due to its thermal responsive properties. The curve shaped sides plus the thermal properties making the pillow fits perfectly to vertebra shape while sleeping, thus the body will feel comfortable.
4. Memory foam responds quickly to body movement & temperature. It enhances blood circulation and eliminates sleepless night due to discomfort.
5. Cover is detachable and washable . You can wash it very often to prevent the odor and bacteria made from sweat and saliva, making it fresh and clean.