SABRINA 嬰兒床 大版 (120x60cm) - 白色 (須另購床褥)

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The cot is made of Boat Wood which is durable and strong.

Cot base has three adjustable positions. The highest position is suitable for baby up to 6 to 7 months. This height allows parents to pick up or put down the newborn baby easily without bending much of the spine.

When the baby is 7 months or is able to stand up independently, parents shall adjust the base to the lowest position to prevent the baby from climbing out.

When the child is around 2 years old, parent can remove one of the drop-side to make it as a sofa bed to train up the child to go to sleep and wake up independently
1. 3 sleeping heights
2. Teething rail
3. One sided drop-side
4. Size: 124.2 (L) x 66.6 (W) x 102.5 cm(H) (external includes wheels)
5. Size: 120 (L) x 60 (W) cm (internal)
6. Material: Boat Wood
7.This cot has complied with EN716:2017+AC:2019 European Safety standard
8. Made in Malyasia
9. Use with Double-sided Spring Mattress G05-DS12060 (Optional) or Organic Bamboo Spring Mattress G36-OB12060-2019 (Optional).
10. Dropside height :65cm