Vray Hand UV Sterilizer

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**Vray portable UV bactericidal machine designed and manufactured in Korea, quality assurance. Home too many objects inconvenient cleaning, good easy to breed bacteria, electrical appliances such as computer keyboard, mouse, sofa, bed, etc. inconvenience often cleaning.
** Korean design and manufacture of Vray portable ultraviolet sterilizing machine is most suitable for love clean you, only 5 seconds can kill 99.9% of the bacteria in a square meter, Vray by a number of Korean institutions tested, confirmed that the sterilization effect is significant.
** For children's toys more effective, UVC a photo removal bacteria, no need to dry dry, than cleaning liquid great effect slows down the growth of bacteria, and has little impact on children. Use with peace of mind!
1) 100% Korean manufacturing
2) UVC lamp with strong force 5 seconds to remove 99.9% virus and bacteria.
3) At any time in inconvenient cleaning places, furniture, toys, toilets, beds, keyboards, mice, etc.
4) Do not need wet water disinfection, very suitable for electrical dual-use arc design. Can be hand-held or seat using UV purification.
5) Simple and safe removal of viral bacteria smart sensing device, leaving the safe use range automatically turnoff the body built-in safety mode.
6) When tilted 30 degrees the device automatically turns off, avoids exposure to the eyes and skin.
7) With Philips not easy to safe UV light tube.
8) Ensures safety awarded i-Seoul Good Product Award.
9) Tested and confirmed by SGS and a number of Korea institutions to kill 99.9% of common bacteria in 5 seconds.