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----- 100% Combed Cotton Fine Sateen -----
Sateen weave material has a silky and smooth surface. Combed cotton is used to make the material into soft hand feel, optimum absorbency, and durable without pilling after unlimited wash.

The comforter, pillowcase, bumpers and fitted sheet utilize the characteristic of sateen weave to allow soft hand feel and subtle sheen.
The silky material, together with intricate embroideries and craftsmanship, making the bedding set truly value for money.

--Eco-friendly reactive dye makes color everlasting--
The color dyeing is natural, safe and good for the environment. Colors are lock-in well that can last after washing or under sunshine.

-----Delicate decoration -----
Little bear embroidered with different interesting textures makes the spot light on comforter. Other soft to touch embroideries are placed on bumpers. The bedding set conveys the taste of royal family and is easily adapt to pastel nursery deco.

-----Unique bumpers -----
The set include bumpers to fully cover the cot. It is designed in four pieces to allow flexibility of fully or partly covered the cot.
Bumper padding can be separated from bumper case for easy care.
100% Combed Cotton

----- Baby Bedding Set 8pcs -----
1. Comforter 1pc (106 cm x 86 cm)
2. Short Bumpers 2pcs (60 cm x 35 cm)
3. Long Bumpers 2pcs (120 cm x 35 cm)
4. Anti -flat Head Pillow 1pc (34 cm x 24 cm)
5. Pillowcase 1 pc (34 cm x 24 cm)
6. Baby Cot Fitted Sheet 1pc ( 120cm x 60 cm + fit mattress up to 14 cm depth)

Comforter, bumper case, fitted sheet, anti-flat head pillow and pillowcase can be washed with 40℃

* Fit for 0/3 baby or TROLL baby cots