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----- Combination of 100% Combed Cotton Double Weave Gauze and Jersey ---
This lightweight and translucent blanket is specially made as double layer with bonding, allowing maximum breathability yet thick in texture. Combed cotton is used to make the blanket soft hand feel, optimum absorbency, smooth without pilling after unlimited wash, and is quick to dry.
Blanket is lined with jersey. The soft stretchy jersey wrap snuggly to help baby sleep better in a comfy position

--Versatile blanket for swaddling and converted to handy sleeping bag---
Swaddling works particularly well for about the first 3 months. It helps your baby settle quickly and sleep longer, as it reduces your baby startling herself awake.
When you need to bring baby out, the hood serves to protect the head from wind.
This blanket is versatile and certainly not just for little newborns. At time when baby is tired from wrapping and struggled, the blanket can be converted to sleeping bag by securing three sides up using the loops. This makes a handy covering at home in the nursery and ‘out and about’. .

-----Eco-friendly reactive dye makes color everlasting-----
The color dyeing is natural, safe and good for the environment. Colors are lock-in well that can last after washing or under sunshine.

-----Delicate decoration -----
Angel symbolizes protection. An angel wing is delicately embroidered on the hood which is lined to protect the skin.
100% Combed Cotton
Size: 80 x 80 cm
Can be machine washed with 40℃