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**FF105 was scored 3.5 out of 5 rating from ADAC**
100% Made in Italy

-----i-Size Carseat-----
- Approved for children from 71 to 105 cm - up to 20 kg (from approx. 1 to 4 years old)
-Front facing installation
-Only for use with i-Size base (sold separately or obtained from Primo Viaggio i-Size)

----- Maximum Safety -----
1. Easy installation: Make sure i-Size Base is installed correctly. Just simply put FF105 onto the base until you hear ”click” sound
2. ADJUSTABLE SIDE IMPACT PROTECTION – the headrest can be adjusted to fit the height of your child and enhance the protection of his head and neck.
3. EPS for absorbing shock from impact
4. Chest clip: keeps the straps in the right position
5. Five-point harness with soft shoulder pads
6. Kinetic Pods: help to move forces away from your child in case of a side collision
7. Conforms to: ECE R 129 i-Size

-----Find details from Good design-----
8. Head rest: easy to lock into 6 positions
9. Infinite recline: reclining back-rest that can be locked into a number of positions
10. Equipped with ergonomic movement reducing cushion
11. Harness retainer: makes seating the child easier
12. Product weight: 7.7 kg
13. Dimensions: 55(H) X 53(L) X 44(W) cm