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Lite version of Book Plus series.
Sporty and easy to handle.
Easy to open, close and maneuver with one hand.


*100% Made in Italy*

1. Suitable from birth to 15kg.
2. One hand folding and it can stand alone after folded
3. It can be pull after folded
4. Multi-angle adjustments on seat back
5.Front wheels with independent brake
6.Rear wheel can be locked at the same time
7.Easy to maneuver by one hand thanks to unibody handle
8.Positions adjustable handle.
9.Can be attached SL newborn carseat (sold separately) onto the seat.
10. Aluminum chassis contribute to long lasting usage
11.Wide front and back wheels (17.6cm & 24.4cm) offer stable performance.
12.Soft ride wheels which give all the advantages of air-inflated wheels
13.Less effort and agility thanks to its 360˚swivel front wheels
14. All wheels have independent suspension.
15. Includes shopping basket.
16. Dimension when open : 55cm(W) x 99cm(L) x 102cm(H)
17. Dimension when close: 55cm(W) x 32.5cm(L) x 87cm(H)
18. Weights of product : 9 kg