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APERO knit manufactory — is a Siberian brand, well known in Russia for its knitted home accessories.

A baby blanket with a unicorn will decorate the baby's crib and complement the interior of the room. The knitted blanket is soft and delicate, sleeping under it will be sweet and warm. a blanket will help mom prepare her baby for bed
Cotton blanket is natural and safe. It will not cause allergies and discomfort in the delicate skin of the child. Cotton fabric withstands regular washing, the product will retain its color and appearance. the blanket is able to maintain body temperature, under it will not be hot and not cold.
The unicorn looks like alive, it will give the baby joy and fun. a blanket with decorative details will become part of the games. Additional elements develop fine motor skills, and games with the character - creative thinking.
Apero blanket is a symbol of parental care and tenderness. The kid will gladly go to bed with a new friend. With a unicorn, a child will only have good dreams.

Materials: 100% Cotton

Specification : 60x120 cm

Washing Instruction:
• Hand wash recommended. Recommended water temperature 30°C MAX
Gentle or wool circle. 30°С MAX.
Do not use chlorine bleach
Use a mild soap or a human hair shampoo.
Lay flat to dry in the shade. Reshape the blanket into its original dimensions. Do not stretch it.
Do not tumble dry
Do not use iron
Can use a gentle steamer