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--- Made by 6-layer Muslin ---
Six-layer muslin is made by stacking 6 layers of cotton gauze with different thicknesses.
The outer layer is a thin line; the line becomes thicker as it reaches the middle.
Different yarn densities make a sense of softness and fullness;
The outer fine yarn surface absorbs moisture quickly, keeping it breathable and hygroscopic.
It is an advanced weaving material since more procedures are involved.

--- Magic: Become fluffy after washing---
Small range of shrink resulted after washing, an air layer will be produced between different gauze densities to make the towel more fluffy and softer.

---Large size; Many uses---
Size: 120 x 120 cm
You can use the blanket in many ways:
Covering the babies on strollers / hip-seats;
Acting as a breathable pillow after folding for a short trip. Or any other ways you can imagine.
100% Cotton

Size: 120 x 120 cm